“Heirloom Recipes” is a documentary series featuring hereditary food recipes interwoven with heartwarming stories connected to the families sharing them.

The taste of a hereditary dish can be said to be a chronicle of bygone times, carrying with it snapshots of a different generation that rekindles one’s memories.

Do you miss the familiar taste of a family dish? Perhaps a dish by your grandmother that you relished when you were younger? Do you want to try your hand on cooking it but lack the recipe?

“Heirloom Recipes” hopes to:

  1. Impart timeless recipes, held dearly by our elders, to a whole new generation
  2. Propagate the dishes to a wider audience to discover and experience
  3. Inspire a whole new generation to find new ways to innovate upon the recipes and make them their own

I hope that by documenting these recipes and producing this series everyone will get a chance to learn and savour a piece of collective history.