Female – Paris Fashion Week 18

Together with Female Magazine I went to Paris fashion week 18.
5 Video featuring Narelle Kheng (Sam Willows), her experience in a fashion show.

Female – Paris Fashion Week (Chole)

Narelle visiting in Chloé
What has the quintessentially millennial pop star got to say about fashion after attending her first Paris Fashion Week show? Watch to find out. https://www.femalemag.com.sg/sponsored/narelle-kheng-pfw-chloe-video/

Paris Fashion Week 18(Chanel)

Just what are we talking about here? Watch the video – filmed at Chanel’s Fall Winter 2018 show in Paris – to find out. PS. Includes cameos by Karl Lagerfeld, Kiera Knightley and The XX’s Romy Madley Croft.


Narelle Kheng In Paris Feature Tiffany & Co

Visiting  fashion week at Paris with Chanel.

Who and what exactly is Narelle Kheng like beyond being the bassist/vocalist of Singapore super group The Sam Willows? We took the chance to ask her during some down time at Paris Fashion Week.


Chanel workshop

Female was due for a visit to Ecole Lesage – its training facility – following Chanel’s Metiers d’Art Paris-Hamburg show in December, so we brought Kheng along, and documented the session.

Female – Narelle Kheng on Beauty

What are her makeup secrets? Does she even like makeup in the first place? The pop star reveals her thoughts on beauty and prettiness as she preps to head out during Paris Fashion Week.


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