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食物的味道往往能勾起人的回忆也能让我们更了解上一代的生活 你是否想念了媽媽或啊嬤的菜?想念着那股熟悉又怀念的好滋味, 想要回味那些味道却没有食谱也不知从何开始吗?我们希望把这一切以短片的方式记载下来,让我们这一代和下一代也能品尝到那充满回忆的味道。 如果您喜欢我们的《家传菜》,请勿忘记跟踪我们的网页并与您的朋友分享。更多视频即将到来〜! 按赞:


“Heirloom Recipes” is a documentary series featuring hereditary food recipes interwoven with heartwarming stories connected to the families sharing them. The taste of a hereditary dish can be said to be a chronicle of bygone times, carrying with it snapshots of a different generation that rekindles one’s memories. Do you miss the familiar taste of a family dish? Perhaps a dish by your grandmother that you relished when you were younger? Do you want to try your hand on cooking it but lack the recipe? “Heirloom Recipes” hopes to: Impart timeless recipes, held dearly by our elders, to a whole new generation Propagate the dishes to a wider audience to discover and experience Inspire a whole new generation to find new ways to innovate upon the recipes and make them their own I hope that by documenting these recipes and producing this series everyone will get a chance to learn and savour a piece of collective history. If you like our videos, don’t forget to follow our page and share them with your friends. More video coming soon~! LIKE US AT

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