Hei Bi Hiam

在这集的《家传菜》虾米香(Hei Bi Hiam)中,我们一步一步地记录了一个家庭食谱,也揭开了来自新加坡的Teochew家族的故事,这个家族的祖先是Pulau Tekong的前居民。


In “The Heirloom Recipes: Crispy Shrimp Chilli (Hei Bi Hiam)”, a family recipe is documented step-by-step as we uncover the story of a Teochew family from Singapore whose patriarch is a former resident of Pulau Tekong.

Overcoming the language barrier, she picked up the recipe for Crispy Shrimp Chilli (Hei Bi Hiam) by observing and learning from fellow Malay villagers. Through alteration to the recipe to cater to the Chinese palate, she created a family favourite that has since been passed down within the family.